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4 Things to Think About When Adding a Patio in Houston

If you are thinking about adding a porch or patio cover to your property, doing a little brainstorming and research is worth its weight in gold!

Here are four things ideas you can use to create a checklist when it’s time to build an outdoor addition to your property.

The Type of Structure You Will Need

Like many things, answering the question of why you need something will help the project start off right.

If you are looking for something economical and straightforward structure, then an insulated aluminum cover might be the way to go (make sure you check out any deed restrictions first, more on that in a bit).

If you are looking for a more customization option or you want a larger space to entertain, a custom patio cover may be the better choice. Custom patio additions are more common in the Houston area and can add more value to your home.

Deciding what your needs are is the best place to start a new outdoor living project!

Patio Cover Materials

As we just mentioned, custom patio cover additions are the most common in the Houston area, with the most common being a design that matches the current style of the home. Matching the style of your home may require decorative stone or brick columns, and a decorative ceiling can be added to the design.

If you have chosen an aluminum patio cover, you may want to consider a color that complements the current paint color of your home.

No matter what kind of materials you choose for a patio cover, make sure that the cover is built to Texas windstorm certifications to ensure a long lifespan in the often turbulent weather we see here in Houston.

Check Deed Restrictions

While driving around a neighborhood and looking around will give you a good idea of the uniformity expected by a subdivision deed restriction or limitations placed by an HOA (or both), actually doing some research is a must when building a patio cover.

Contacting the right organization and getting a detailed list of what is acceptable and what isn’t can help you avoid a costly mistake and potentially (depending on what they allow) open your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t thought of.

Taking the time to do this research will also give you info on the kinds of accessories and other things you may have wanted to add to your property as well.

Research Your City for Permits and Guidelines

Again, research, before you begin a patio cover project, can help to define it and avoid any costly mistakes.

Take the time to get detailed information from your city regarding construction regulations. For example, do you know how far from a property line your patio cover can be based on city guidelines? Doing this research will help you plan the project as well as ensure that you comply with local laws.

In addition to the research, you will need to get a permit actually to build the patio addition when the time comes. If you are using a contractor to build your patio addition, they will often take care of this step for you, but be sure that they agree to do that and give you copies of everything for your records and peace of mind.

About Affordable Shade Patio Covers

Affordable Shade Patio Covers builds patio covers and pergolas in the Houston area. When you choose to work with us, we work with you to design a patio cover to fit your needs. Once you have a design, we handle all the permitting, HOAs, and windstorm certification.  All you have to do is sit back and relax! If you would like a free design consultation, please give us a call at 713-574-4969.