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Choosing One of These Four Hanging Plants Will Add Color and Life to Your Patio!

Enjoying your backyard patio and a cup of hot tea or your favorite cold beverage is a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work!

And why not add a little greenery to your scenery; maybe a splash of color and fragrance too?

We want to give four examples of hanging plants that style, life, and even lovely aromas to your patio for maximum enjoyment!

Certainly, these are only four examples of the millions you could choose, but we hope to give you an idea and let you run with it!

Hanging Philodendron and the Spider Plant

Hanging Philodendron is a tropical plant perfect for our Houston climate that thrives in warm to hot, humid areas and doesn’t require a lot of watering.

This exotic-looking plant is easy to care for, is a natural air purifier (which means great for indoors too), and adds a splash of green that is decor-neutral and looks great no matter where it hangs!

The spider plant is a common sight among potted and hanging plants, is sturdy, does well in warm, humid climates, and is also easy to care for.

Variegated Wandering Jew Ivy Plant

An Ivy vine with an exciting name, the variegated wandering Jew Ivy plant is a beautiful member of the Ivy family that is an excellent choice to hang on your patio!

This Ivy is characterized by its leaves that boast a classy silvery-hued stripe, with some species of the plant missing the stripes but more than making up for it with beautiful three-petaled white flowers.

There is even a species called Tradescantia Pallida that has deep purple leaves and light-colored purple-pink flowers!

This beautiful plant does well in Houston weather and is also one that is easy to care for.

Fuchsia ‘Lena’

For a dash of color in your patio try the Fuchsia ‘Lena’ plant as a choice of a hanging plant!

This gorgeous hanging plant is one that is sure to please with its trailing double-flower buds with creamy-looking hot pink and purple petals and is a very productive plant, so the plant is always colorful.

Another plant that does well in our warmer climate and does excellent with minimal care and indirect sunlight, the Fuchsia ‘Lena’ plant also makes an outstanding gift for any other patio lovers you may know!

‘Bella’ Lavender

We saved the best for last…the beauty and fragrance of the ‘Bella’ Lavender plant! This lavender plant not only adds the vibrant purple you would expect from a lavender plant but also a warm, delightful, and soothing fragrance to your patio.

The Bella does well in warm temperatures but needs to hang a little lower so it can soak up the sun as much as possible, with a minimum of watering necessary to keep it looking healthy and stunningly pretty!

That’s a short list of some of our favorite hanging plants that are great for patios to give them color, style, fragrance, and add some green to your scene!

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