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Pressure washing before and efter.

How to Safely and Effectively Clean Your Patio Concrete

Over time the concrete flooring of your patio will become dingy and lackluster as a layer of dirt, pollen, algae, and other contaminants build up.

Regularly cleaning the concrete floors can help keep them in good shape and maintain their sheen no matter how long it’s been. However, keep in mind that sometimes, your patio concrete may just be old and worn, needing to be replaced altogether.

If that is the case, then a restoration from the experts can be a good idea. They will likely use industrial equipment like those from Intelligent Design Manufacturing to ensure that your new patio concrete flooring gets a polished and new look, refreshing the entire ambiance.

But, since refurbishment or replacement does not have to be done on a regular basis, it may be beneficial for you to learn how to clean the outdoor concrete once in a while. Additionally, you can also use a few decor items that can enhance your patio’s aesthetics and accordingly reduce the requirement of frequent cleaning. For instance, you can use flamingo decor, which could be pink in color, along with white, yellow, and even black shades. Such ideas can be employed if you plan to use a patio for outdoor living.

Here are some simple steps on how to clean your patio concrete:

  • Move plants, furniture, and other items off of your concrete and clean the surface thoroughly (probably with the help of a Riccar vacuum cleaner) to remove any dirt from the surface.
  • In a simple disposable spray bottle mix a 3/4 water and 1/4 bleach solution, and add a teaspoon of liquid dishwasher soap to the mixture.
  • Spray the solution over your patio surface, waiting a few minutes for the solution to soak in and work its magic, then scrub the flooring with a stiff nylon bristle brush (using a wire brush can leave metal pieces that can rust and stain your concrete).
  • Remove tough stains by creating a peanut butter-like consistency paste using a cleaner like Oxi-clean. Apply the paste to the troublesome area and wait an hour before scrubbing the area clean.
  • Rinse the flooring off with a water hose.

Looking for a more eco-friendly way to clean your patio concrete? Try this!

Option 1: Use a vinegar and water mixture ( and ) or a straight vinegar wash for more heavily stained concrete. It smells, but it works!

Option 2: Add a cup of baking soda to a gallon of distilled water, then add ⅛ of a cup of liquid dishwashing liquid to the solution. Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray the surface of the concrete, wait about 30 minutes before you start scrubbing.

Maybe you want something with some power

For more heavily stained patio concrete you may need to pressure wash it, you can choose to rent a pressure washing machine and do it yourself or hire a professional service similar to these house cleaning services in Atlanta GA, or elsewhere.

Here are a couple of the pros and cons of choosing either method:

Doing it Yourself Pros

  • Renting a pressure washer is relatively inexpensive
  • You can decide when to do it according to your schedule

Doing it Yourself Cons

  • Without proper training on pressure washer use, you risk damaging your concrete and it is a time-consuming tedious task.
  • Without scheduling an appointment it’s easy to put off and never actually get the job done (sound familiar?)

Hiring a Professional Pressure Washer Pros

  • With experience and training, not to mention insurance coverage, damaging your property is not as much of a risk
  • You don’t have to have the added step of renting and returning the machine on time or having the added expense of cleaning chemicals


Cons of Hiring a Professional Pressure Washer

  • Hiring a pressure washing service costs more than renting and DIY
  • Scheduling an appointment time that works for both parties

Regardless of which method that you use, it is necessary to clean your patio periodically. Use these techniques to keep your outdoor living areas looking their best.

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