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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Patio Builder

Questions To Ask Before Hiring

Are you thinking of building a patio cover, pergola, or palapa to add additional shade to your yard? If so, you are likely going to be calling local patio building contractors near you. We think that it is vital that you hire the correct builder for your project.

Can you provide homeowner references for recent projects?

Before allowing a contractor into your home request for several recent references. Be sure to call the references to make sure that their past customers are happy with the work they received. Furthermore, ask the references if they have had any problems with their patio covers.

Affordable Shade Patio Covers has a list of recent customers you are welcome to call, and you can read our reviews online and on our reviews page.

Can you provide a written estimate?

A patio cover building proposal needs to be detailed. The bid should be itemized with materials and installation costs, as well as an approximate start and finish date and payment procedures.

You should read through your proposal and ask questions if there are parts that need to be clarified.

We provide you with a detailed written estimate.

Are you insured?

Insurance protects the homeowner from damage that may occur or injuries to workers. We recommend that you find a company that is insured.

We carry General Liability Insurance for over $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.

Do you provide a warranty?

Ask your patio builder about the warranty and read the contract carefully. Also, be sure that the warranty information is included in the agreement.

If your contractor doesn’t provide a warranty, you could be left out in the rain if your patio falls apart.

At Affordable Shade, all work performed has a written labor and craftsmanship guarantee.

Affordable Shade Patio Covers is a highly-rated patio cover builder in the Houston area. We specialize in building custom patio covers, aluminum patio covers, pergolas, tiki, and decorative concrete. We hold an A+ Rating with Better Business Beauru and have built over 1,000 patio covers in the area. If need to build a patio cover then give us a call at (713) 574-4969 or request a callback online.