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6 Ways Avoid Being Eaten Alive by Mosquitos

Avoid the Mini-Vampires!

There are a lot of great things about living in southeast Texas, like great year-round weather. However one of the big problems that we always have are swarms of pesky mosquitos.

In fact, Texas is one of the top states when it comes to being bitten by mosquitoes and acquiring diseases. Spending your days outside in the Southeast Texas area is a surefire way to wind up at home with red bumps on your arms and legs, and maybe even dangerous illnesses like the Zika and West Nile viruses.

Prevent you and your family from being exposed to harmful diseases and painful bites by following these six ways to avoid mosquitos and keep them away from your house.

1. Remove standing water on your property.

Mosquitos tend to cluster around stagnant puddles and pools of water. These pests only need about a half inch of water to lay eggs and multiply. If you can, ensure your standing water gets cleaned up after it rains and make sure that other water features like fountains and water features are turned on and running. This will prevent mosquitos from laying eggs on the water and gathering in the area.

2. Keep a bottle of bug spray in your car and in your house.

You never know when a massive mosquito outbreak will occur, so it is excellent always to be prepared by having bug spray close by. Bug spray with feet tends to work best against the pesky bloodsuckers.

3. Wear loose, light-colored clothes while you’re outside.

Mosquitoes, for some reason, are more attracted to dark colors than they are to light colors. Also wearing loose baggy clothing may leave your skin more protected, which adds an additional barrier of protection against the bugs.

4. Turn on a fan

If sitting outside and enjoying the weather is important to you, keep a fan on your patio so that the air is continuously circulating. This could help deter bugs from landing on your skin.

Circulating Air Will Keep Mosquitos at Bay

5. Wear long pants and sleeves when walking around at dusk.

Mosquitos are most active when the sun goes down because exposure dehydrates them. 85 different species of mosquitos call Texas home, and almost all of them will bite at dawn, dusk, and during the night. Therefore, when you are walking outside as the sun sets, the mosquitos are likely looking for blood to drink. If you want to reduce your chances of being a bug dinner, be sure to take extra protective measures during the worst parts of the day.

6. Protect your patio cover with a screen room.

If you want the ultimate protection from those pesky blood-sucking mosquitos, you might consider a screened patio cover. A screened patio cover will prevent these bugs from biting you, and you don’t have to worry about adding layers of clothes or exposing your skin to chemical bug sprays.

If you need or are considering a screened patio that you can enjoy year-round, give Affordable Shade Patio Cover a call at 713-574-4969.