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Free-Standing Wood Shade Arbor


If you want to add dimension and beauty to your outdoor living space, you will be wise to consider adding a pergola. Too many construction companies believe that pergolas are a mere pretty face with the sole purpose of aesthetics.

That couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to pergolas built by Houston’s Affordable Shade Patio Covers. Our pergolas and shade arbors are designed to add breathtaking beauty, privacy, and of course shade.

Houston Shade Pergolas

Affordable Shade Patio Covers can design and build a pergola for you that will protect your patio from the sun while maintaining accuracy to the design of your home. We can also integrate additional sun protection by adding a cover, curtains, or other design features.

Wood Pergola Cover with Brick Posts and Patio

Houston Wooden Pergola

Houston area homeowners have loved our wooden pergolas. Wooden pergolas, especially cedar, add rustic charm and character to nearly any outdoor area.

Freestanding Wooden Pergola

Pergolas are Low Maintenance

We build low-maintenance pergolas in Houston that help homeowners get the most out of their backyard patio or deck. We can build in a variety of different sizes, designs, and materials. Our pergolas, whether made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl, require little too low maintenance.

Low Maintenance Aluminum Pergola

The fact that the lattice is open and not completely closed off means that you still get that outdoor feel!

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